It’s Friday the 13th, which means Petra’s new album Ensam inte stark is now available! For the past few days, Petra has been releasing some songs, but now you can listen to the album in full. It’s a real indie pop album, with evident contributions by Joakim Berg (Kent) and Linnea Henriksson. Influences from Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey are notable, yet it’s Petra’s voice which makes the album unique.

01. Ensam är inte stark
02. Som du bäddar
03. Gråta i neon
04. Du
05. Slowmotion
06. Täcket
07. Alla känner apan
08. Vilda fåglar
09. Vem vänder vindarna
10. Kidz (ft. Linnea Henriksson)
11. Love

The final tracklist omits “Hjärtat”, which was listed on, for unknown reasons. All songs are in Swedish. Click image for 1400×1400 artwork!

The album was met with mixed reviews.

Aftonbladet: 3/5
Corren: 2/5
Dagens Nyheter: 3/5
Expressen: 4/5
Gaffa: 3/6
Göteborgs-Posten: 2/5
NWT: 3/5
Smålandsposten: 3/5

Thanks to Janne for the newspaper photo.

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