Following the release of “En tuff brud i lyxförpackning”, a cover of the classic Lill-Babs song, Petra has recorded yet another cover song. The track is called “Trubbel” and was originally released by Olle Adolphson in the 1960s. It is available on a CD packed together with Götaland’s biggest street paper Faktum for a limited time only, as part of volume 5 of their annual compilation Det ordnar sig. Listen to a preview of the track below.

The cover was recorded by Oskar Cresso and Andreas Dahlbäck, whom Petra had a studio session with in early January. As a job for homeless people, Faktum is sold on the streets of Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Växjö and various other cities. Petra has stated the following (translated from Swedish) regarding her motivation for taking part in this project:

Petra: “I’ve had a feeling of exclusion throughout my life. But I’ve also always preferred to stand outside, I have never felt I really fit in.”

Tomorrow, on March 7, the annual Faktumgalan will take place where Petra is due to perform as well! Last year’s edition of the event was later uploaded to Faktum’s YouTube channel, so hopefully we’ll soon be able to see Petra perform the song ourselves.

More information/buy online (Sweden only)